Naraku Base Stand CUSTOM | Inuyasha

My first Ever Sculpture for my Naraku Toynami figure.
PS: This is my 7th Project (P.7)

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  Anime: Inuyasha
  Character: Naraku
  Height: N/A
  Scale: N/A
  Manufacturer: N/A
  Materials: Epoxy none-sag, Epoxy putty, Powder, Old dishwashing soap cover, Jovi Air dry clay, Bosny spray paints (White, Blue, Primer Gray)
  • Tags: Inuyasha, Naraku, Custom Base Stand, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Custom, Custom Figure, Figure
  • 1

    Prepare Materials

    Prepare Materials WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Materials used: - Epoxy none-sag - Epoxy putty - Powder - Art tools - Old dishwasing soap cover - Air dry clay - Bosny spray paint

  • 2

    Base Stand & Mask

    Base Stand & Mask WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Create the base, Mark the base where the figure will stand and sculpt the mask

  • 3

    Sculpt the coat

    Sculpt the coat WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Sculpt the coat and add some details to the mask

  • 4

    Test Fit

    Test Fit WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    try if the figure will stand and see its balance

  • 5

    Primer Paint

    Primer Paint WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Apply primer paint

  • 6

    White Paint

    White Paint WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Apply white paint

  • 7

    Hand Paint The Mask

    Hand Paint The Mask WIP at TeamCitadelHobbies

    Hand paint the mask with custom mixture of paint (80% white 20% blue) and apply top coat.