Perona COLLECTIONS | One Piece

I usually just collect all kinds of brands as long as its Perona and if I like it. Esp if both characters have the same line (like the jean's freak edition) and mostly they're pair intl before and after timeskips

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  Anime: One Piece
  Character: Perona
  Height: N/A
  Scale: N/A
  Manufacturer: Banpresto , Bandai, SIZ, Model Palace, Plex, PoP, GDC, FCs , WCF and Gashapons
  Materials: Resin, PVC
  • Tags: Perona, Devil Fruite, Horo Horo No Mi, One Piece, Bandai, Banpresto, Gashapons, SIZ, Model Palace, PVC, Resin, Plex, Pop, GDC, FCs, WCF