Saitama ver Hero Exam by dinzsoi at TeamCitadelHobbies
  • Base figure: Kinniku Man (4inch, 12 joint points) 
  • Custom sculpted the head and feet.
  • Custom painted the skin
One Punch Man Saitama Saitama Exam

WIP Report

  • 1

    Head changes

    Head changes at TeamCitadelHobbies Removing some parts of the head and cover the head with putty.
  • 2

    Foot changes

    Foot changes at TeamCitadelHobbies Wrapped with putty and slice it to have toes.
  • 3

    Removing old paint

    Removing old paint at TeamCitadelHobbies I used G.i paint remover from hardware. NOTE: use gloves and gaggles upon using this, it can burn or irritate your skin.
  • 4

    Start Painting

    Start Painting at TeamCitadelHobbies
    • Primer: Gray
    • Base coat: White
    • Main paint: Pink
    • Top coat: Clear matte
  • 5

    Painting Output

    Painting Output at TeamCitadelHobbies ...

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