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Some of my Roronoa Zoro Collections

Anime: One Piece

Figures: random

Scales: random

Manufacturers: banpresto, bandai, siz, model palace, plex, PoP, GDC, FCs , WCF and Gashapons.

Materials: pvc , resin

FaceBook Page: Artifex

Instagram: artifex.jheng

Album: See here

I usually just collect all kinds of brands as long as its Zoro/Perona and if I like it. Esp if both characters have the same line (like the jean's freak edition) and mostly they're pair intl before and after timeskips

3swords Bandai Banpresto FCs Gashapon GDC Model Palace One Piece Plex PoP PVC Resin samurai SIZ swordsmen WCF Zoro Collections

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