Maintenance Bay by dinzsoi at TeamCitadelHobbies

Model kit used: Exceed Zaku Head

Manufacturer: Bandai

Paint used:

  • Mr.Surfacer 500
  • Mr.Surfacer 1000
  • Mr.Surfacer 1200
  • ARKOM Charcoal Black
  • ARKOM Titanium White
  • ARKOM Forest Green
  • Alclad Chrome
  • Mig PLW Deep Grey
  • Tamiya Weathering Master A

Scale: N/A

WIP Time frame: 12days

Social Media:

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  • IG: @daydreamer_studio

About the Project:

I wanted to apply the things I learned in fine scale to gunpla to I decided to take on this project. The base was built from scratch and painted employing preshading and salt chipping techniques. The main subject, Zaku head, was painted using a combination of preshading, highlighting and mottling. mottling was done carefully and tightly to stay true to its scale. weathering was then applied on both the subject and the base and then added 1/35 aviation crew to emulate a scene on a maintenence bay

Model kit Zaku Custom Gundam Custom Diorama Custom Paint Gunpla Gundam ScaleModeling

WIP Report

  • 1


    wip1 at TeamCitadelHobbies wip1
  • 2


    wip2 at TeamCitadelHobbies wip2
  • 3


    wip3 at TeamCitadelHobbies wip3
  • 4


    wip4 at TeamCitadelHobbies wip4
  • 5


    wip5 at TeamCitadelHobbies wip5
  • 6


    wip6 at TeamCitadelHobbies wip6
  • 7


    wip7 at TeamCitadelHobbies wip7
  • 8


    wip8 at TeamCitadelHobbies wip8

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