WIP Barbatos Rakshasa by dinzsoi at TeamCitadelHobbies

Temporary name, kitbash with various Barbatos kits, both 1/144 and 1/100, witih some scratchbuilt parts

Modeler's Page: Reitou's Cheap Mods
WIP source: click here

Barbatos Gundam Custom Gundam Scratchbuilt HG 1/144 MG 1/100 Master Grade High Grade Model kit Iron-Blooded Orphans Rex Kitbash Gunpla

WIP Report

  • 1

    exteded the thighs by 6.0 mm

    exteded the thighs by 6.0 mm at TeamCitadelHobbies

    exteded the thighs by 6.0 mm

  • 2

    Arm mods

    Arm mods at TeamCitadelHobbies

    extended the 1/100 Rex upper arm by 18 mm
    elbow joint was remade from scratch as well

  • 3

    Back Mods

    Back Mods at TeamCitadelHobbies

    scratchbuilt some adaptors for the back of the torso and the ass

  • 4

    Joint mods

    Joint mods at TeamCitadelHobbies

    joints should be strong enough to handle the 1/100 smoothbore cannon

  • 5

    Rex shoulder joints

    Rex shoulder joints at TeamCitadelHobbies

    reinforced the 1/100 Rex shoulder joints, reused the included original pegs, coz they're stronger than the balljoints normally used

  • 6

    Arm count

    Arm count at TeamCitadelHobbies

    the project will have 6 arms in total, not counting sub arms

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