WIP: Improving Hi Nu Vrabe by dinzsoi at TeamCitadelHobbies
  • scratchbuilt clear sword blades
  • hip balljoints replaced with universal joints


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Gundam Custom Gundam Hi Nu

WIP Report

  • 1

    cemented 3x 1.0mm plates

    cemented 3x 1.0mm plates at TeamCitadelHobbies

    cemented 3x 1.0mm plates

  • 2

    trimmed & drilled

    trimmed & drilled  at TeamCitadelHobbies trimmed excess, drilled 4.8 mm holes
  • 3


    attaching!! at TeamCitadelHobbies hip joints fit TIGHT, this thing is secure
  • 4

    Plavsky Swords

    Plavsky Swords at TeamCitadelHobbies the clear blade is made of colored acrylic, sanded sharp and polished. It's longer than the standard sword too

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