The Guardian

  • Base kit: 1/100 Wing ver.ka,  1/100 Wing zero custom, 1/100 Strike freedom
  • for the damage/scratch effect: 
    • i used Clay, putty and epoxy. so that anytime i can undo it back to normal without destroying the kit..
    • dry brush for dirty and some burning effects
    • add some thin wires for damage parts.
    • removing some armor parts
  • face Scarp: just used paper, semi burn it and painted it to add more effect.
  • Base: i used straw, old runners, old cards/ floppy disks, ply wood and old gundam stand.
    • for tutorial check out my this site -> DC23-mecha
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  Anime: Gundam wing, Gundam Seed
  Character: Wing zero custom, Wing Gundam, Strike freedom
  Height: N/A
  Scale: 1/100
  Manufacturer: Bandai
  Materials: Epoxy, Plastic
  • Tags: Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, Wing Gundam, Strike Freedom, 1/100, Master Grade, Bandai, Ver Ka, Custom Base Stand